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How will I know if what I want can be done?

We review every design and will email you right away
 if there are any issues before the work is completed.
Please respond back in a timely manner or this will cause delays.

What size will the lettering be?

Lettering is traditionally a .50 to a .60 in size, smaller depending on the number of words.
 There are limitations, thread has limitations that ink does not.
 The smallest we will sew is .25 (1/4 Inch) and that is Block lettering only.

When will my order arrive?

Under normal conditions it takes 7-10 business days
to complete the order once art is approved, shipping does not affect the processing time.
Holidays may push this time back a little, so SHOP EARLY to avoid delays!

Do you accept international orders?

No, due to foriegn banks inability to verify customer information we cannot accept
international orders.

How do I know if a design is left or right chest or full/back?

Left and right chest designs are typically up to 4 inches wide.
Designs of 6 inches or more look best on front or back center,
especially when lettering is
added. For toddler's and kid's small sizes,
the smaller designs look better in the center of the garment.

If I have a design that I want to use again can it be saved for future use?

Yes, we create a file at the time of the order and we will have all the
 pertinent information for future reorders.
I have a company and would like to use my own logo, can you do that?

Yes, " The Wizard " can digitize your design into an embroidery format
that can be used on many items. There is a one time fee for creating this design

Do you offer discounts for quantity orders?

Yes, discounts are started at 24 pieces and the larger the order the better discount
The design must be the same on all garments, but you may choose different sizes
and colors of the garments of similar styles to reach your quantity.
Great for schools,
companies, teams, fundraisers, etc.

Do you do Custom Banners for teams, businesses, etc?

Yes, We do banners as large as 4 feet by 8 feet. 
Just submit your design, or ideas you want on your banner.

Do you offer team uniforms?

Yes, and for our local teams in the Lakewood Ranch, FL area,
 we can come to your practice and show you samples and sizes, etc.

What do you mean when you refer to “digitizing”

Digitizing is the process of converting original art work into a set of electronic instruction files that can be read by a commercial embroidery machine. Digitizers use a variety of software programs and productivity tools, but experience, good instincts, and a knowledge of how to translate an image in ink to one made of thread sewn on fabric is critical. Many contract embroidery factories rely on inexpensive and lower quality overseas digitizing services. Wizard Embroidery understands that digitizing is the most important factor in achieving high quality custom embroidery, and we use only the best in-house digitizing expert.

Are there any limitations to the designs that can be embroidered? 

Yes. It is much more difficult to capture certain details, such as very small lettering or color gradients, with thread than it is with ink or printed material. If you send us the art work for the logo that you wish to be digitized and we feel that we would not be able to replicate it faithfully, we will contact you to suggest and discuss your options. We offer excellent contract digitizing services, and we strive to find creative solutions that our clients are happy with.

How do I send Wizard Embroidery my logo designs and requests for quotes?

For your convenience, email your logo to stchwizrd@aol.com , you can send us your own original art work and you can provide special instructions on logo placement, thread colors, or other important information regarding your design. If you are sending us original designs it is important for you to send us the best quality and most accurate art work you have available. 

How does the ordering process work?

For new logo designs that we have not previously embroidered the client generally submits art work for a quotation, along with basic information on logo placement (e.g., hat front, chest, sleeve), type of material (e.g., cotton pique, fleece, terry cloth) and the likely number of pieces to be embroidered. We will promptly reply with both a digitizing quote (including any suggestions regarding the size and design modifications) and an estimated embroidery price. 

How do I know if all of my garments have been received correctly?

When your garments are received we carefully compare the contents of the boxes as described on the packing slips against the detailed breakdown of what you have ordered or specified on your purchase order. We then perform a quick visual check to detect any obvious errors on the part of the part of your garment supplier. This is NOT the same as an item-by-item check-in to verify the correctness of each item. We can also perform that service for you at an additional charge.

How long will it take to receive my order?

For most custom logos or designs we are usually able to digitize and send you a proof for your approval within 3-4 business days of receiving your order. For larger or more complicated designs it may take a bit longer. Once we receive your approval of the design proof, and assuming that we have received your written purchase order and garments, we are usually able to ship within 5 business days. We rarely resort to the “rush fees” that many contract embroiderers commonly use, and we rarely say “no”. We understand that “special situations” arise, and we pride ourselves on our partnership with clients to resolve these challenges.

How will I know when my order is ready and when it has shipped?

We manage deadlines very, very carefully. You will be informed that your order is complete
either through a phone call or e-mail (if there is a pending deadline) or through the receipt of your invoice.  
Local clients we can deliver in the Lakewood Ranch, FL area.

Can I mix and match garment sizes and types?

Yes. It does not matter whether we are embroidering different
garments, as long as the basic logo design (including size) remains identical

Let us know if you have any questions.  You can contact
 "The Wizard" by email: 
or call: 941-749-0888 and ask for Brian

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